Charlie Clark

Charlie began his career in real estate in the early 2000s. From the start, Charlie was mentored by some of the most respected agents in the industry. With over 20 years in the real estate business, Charlie draws from his lifelong skills and expansive real estate knowledge to help clients achieve their goals. He is a master at listening and understanding the needs of his clients in order to help them navigate the market. A true outlier in his field, Charlie has spent well more than 10,000 hours perfecting the real estate experience for his clients.

Charlie creates a customized real estate experience tailored to your needs. He is hands-on, available, and dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Charlie will help you navigate the selling and buying process with ease and grace.

Client Testimonials

Charlie Clark is one of a kind. If you are reading this and have any questions whatsoever about working with him or are choosing between Charlie and anyone else, just stop already – CHARLIE IS THE BEST.

We met Charlie when, while living in our lovely home in Hollywood, perfectly happy there, we stumbled upon our dream house in Mt. Washington (so to be clear, NOT even looking to move) and a friend recommended we give him a call to help us navigate the process.. Just a few hours later, Charlie was making phone calls and opening (sometimes very literally) doors for us left and right, despite our ambivalence about moving at all. He made sure we got every chance to consider all options, whether those options benefitted him directly or not, at every stage of the game. Specifically, I feel like he really fought for us to be taken seriously as buyers, helped us formulate an effective strategy, and made himself available to walk through the process and answer any questions that came up for us, anytime day or night. When we won the house we couldn’t believe it (there were 27 other bids within 3 days!) and we know that having Charlie on our team made all the difference.

Additionally, he successfully sold our old house within just a few weeks of listing it. He went completely above and beyond making sure absolutely everything in the home was at its best, positioned to WOW prospective buyers. His wisdom and advice during that process were invaluable. He absolutely never turned town an anyone at all who was interested in seeing the house, talking about the house, etc. – if that meant opening the house just for 1 person early in the morning or late at night, no problem. If it meant having an umpteenth conversation with an interested family, he’d do it. If it meant finding and meeting stagers to make sure every detail was perfect, he’d be there. Again, he made himself available to anyone and anything that might help lead to the house selling. Last but not least, Charlie is a joy to know. In addition to the incredibly wisdom he has about this stuff, he’s just a genuinely kind person, totally trustworthy, a good guy through and through, who is respectful and honoring of everyone he meets. He’s part yogi or guru, part real estate savant. ???? There is absolutely no way we would be where we are today – settled and happy in our dream house, without any financial burden whatsoever from the old house – without Charlie. Cannot recommend him highly enough!

Jessica J.

Charlie is truly LA’s best (and most stylish) realtor. His sage guidance, detail-oriented and level-headedness got us into the home of our dreams. As soon as we met him, it felt like an old friend we had known for years and Charlie quickly understood our design aesthetic and style. He’s incredibly communicative, hard working and made navigating the crazy/emotional process of home buying as smooth and comfortable as possible. You can tell he makes it his life’s mission to represent his clients and somehow makes it feel as if you’re his only client. I was surprised by tactics he taught us that we didn’t know when we purchased our first house a few years ago. It’s obvious that his ~20 years of knowledge and breadth of contacts in the market holds a lot of power in the industry. I’m not sure how this man does it all – I only wish we got to work with him longer! Couldn’t recommend Charlie enough.

Kelsey M.

My husband and I have worked with Charlie quite a few times over the years and each time we gain so much support and knowledge about the market.

Charlie really takes pride in your home and cares a lot. He went above and beyond to help us sell our home and the marketing and sales strategy was on point. The PR Charlie set up brought new design work and clients to my husband’s firm. Also, we sold over asking price in two weeks!

We have sold and purchased homes with Charlie as our agent and he is honest, patient and fair. He knows the housing market and can guide you in your housing decisions. Plus he’s a quality person, which is rare in such a competitive industry.

Robin K.

Charlie was fierce advocate and fearless in the face of adversity…i.e. my crazy family. We chose to sell our beloved family home, and were it not for his kindness, patience, and wealth of knowledge, this emotional process would have gone sideways quickly. He guided us through a very emotionally difficult time by caring enough to listen, even when we contradicted ourselves and were ridiculously confused by the process. He came complete with every resource, saw to every minute detail, and with a gentle guiding hand, and the backbone of steel he sold our home within days. Do not hesitate to hire him. Make Charlie your first and only call. You will not regret it.

Sheila D.

Charlie Clark is truly great at his job. I’m not planning to move again any time soon but if I did he is the first person I would call and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to buy or sell (he helped me do both).

I first met with Charlie when I started thinking about selling my house in Altadena (a 1960 Post & Beam). I LOVED the house but wanted to make a change and I really liked Eagle Rock. I knew the house in Altadena would sell but I wasn’t sure I would find something worth making the move for. Charlie was patient, understanding and came up with a solution. He listed my house, helped me get it ready, had beautiful photos taken, built a great web site and even went to a modernism lecture to get flyers in front of the right eyes before the open house. He found a buyer who gave me the offer I wanted, was willing to give me time to look and the contingency that I find replacement home. Then house hunting went into full swing. This seamed like it would be the hard part (I’m picky!). Charlie kept me up to date on everything new to the market, open and worth keeping an eye on. He even wrote letter to unlisted houses that I liked. When “the one” came up Charlie in a competitive market wrote the best offer on my behalf. Charlie was patient, thorough and creative. He didn’t just let things happen he worked to achieve the specific outcome I wanted. He was always available to answer my questions… All of this while always being pleasure to work with!

Jude P.

Buying my first house was quite the adventure – and Charlie was there for me in all of my ups & downs the whole way. He has a ton of experience & knows the area, homes, process & other agents like the back of his hand. And he understands what a crazy journey this whole thing can be. He was patient and understanding of my dilemmas and questions, and he was always there when I needed him. He was never pushy & always moved at the speed I was comfortable with. I truly believe Charlie cares about the happiness of his clients and that they make a decision & find a house that’s right for them. I ended up finding the perfect house for me and I truly believe Charlie had a huge part to play in that!

Bruce S.


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